Prime Minister Netanyahu flies to Paris to attend WWI centenary events

Israel’s prime minister will be one of 100 world leaders converging on Paris on Sunday, Nov. 11, for events marking the centenary of the World War I Armistice. Although President Emmanuel Macron laid down a rule against summitry on the sidelines of the events, he himself welcomed President Donald Trump for talks at the Elysee Palace Saturday night. The most important summit is scheduled for Sunday between Trump and Vladimir Putin, with the Syrian standoff high on their agenda.

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2 thoughts on “Prime Minister Netanyahu flies to Paris to attend WWI centenary events

  • Nov 11, 2018 @ 12:15 at 12:15

    So Very Weak and Pathetic Little School Boy Israeli prime minister heads off yet again to meet with Prophet Mohammed Poison Putin,,Froggy USA Hater Macron (The Putin Iranian Lover), and off course Big Mouth Trump.

    Why all the Talk Talk??..Poison Putin has Shown and Told the Whole World what his Muslim Plan is and on Top Of Poison Putin Agenda as recent S300 has Proved without Doubt is to Aid and Assist with his Irainian,Hizbolla,Islamanic Jihad,Russian Soldiers and Guns for Hire.?

    1.The whole World should expect the Usual Polite Talking.The Usual getting Nowhere Talking Full of Lies and Bull…
    2. The 100 x Stupid Blood and Poison Hands Shakes that are Insincere and a Waste of time.

    3. The Many Photo Shoots showing the Usual Suspects with their False Smiles.

    4. The WEAK Israeli Sort of Prime Minister goes down on one Knee and Begs his New Israeli Master Prophet Mohammed Bin Poison Putin.
    Please New Master of Israel can we the Weak and Meek Jewish State respond to your Muslim Brothers in Arms from attacking us. Oh Please Sir Putin these Jihadi Friends of yours are being given New Missiles and Explosives right Under Your Nose and the Syrian and Russian Special Forces are turning a blind eye helping our enemies to get into their WAR Positions ready to overwhelm Israel with Chemical Weapons and Precision Missiles.

    5. Israeli Prime Minister is WEAK and has FAILED in his Capacity to defend the Jewish State….Get Rid of Bad Weak Talking Fools that have now Put Israel in the Firing Line for Complete Destruction……Facts not Fiction.

    • Nov 11, 2018 @ 16:49 at 16:49

      When one makes assertions about state affairs it is customary reflect the reality only by using one’s brain, don’t let you slide so easily out of reality into the darkness of slant and dejection only because too much of an atraction for coprophilia.


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