Protesters block entryways to Knesset against Corona Bill

The regular stormy anti-Netanyahu rally turned violent overnight Tuesday when protesters chained themselves to the gates of the Knesset until they were forcibly removed by police using water cannons. There were 34 arrests. The protesters had marched from their regular post outside the prime minister’s residence to the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) to prevent the House voting on Wednesday for the comprehensive coronavirus bill. The march was not covered by their license to demonstrate. This new law is aimed at granting the government emergency powers to impose swift restrictions for containing the steeply rising endemic without referring to the Knesset. The protesters maintained that an “illegitimate government” was falsely exploiting the virus to change Israel’s system of government. They clashed frequently with police on their way to the Knesset. The Black Flags movement leading the nightly demonstrations accuses Netanyahu of leading Israel to a “Bibicracy.”

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