Putin to Bennett: I hope you continue former government’s ties with Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened his first face to face with PM Naftali Bennett at Sochi by saying that they had “many problematic issues” to discuss, but also many “points of contact and opportunities for cooperation, in particular in fighting terrorism.” He stressed the importance of rehabilitating war-torn Syria. He also commented: “I truly hope that despite the internal political battles, which are unavoidable in every country, your government will pursue a policy of continuity on Russian-Israel relations,” and stressed his close ties with the Netanyahu government.

Bennett singled out for discussion “the situation in Syria and efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program.” The prime minister added that talks between the nations “will be based on the deep connection between the two countries. We consider you a true friend of the Jewish people.”

The meeting which began at 10 a.m. Friday was still going on at 1 p.m.

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