Rampaging settlers burn Palestinian property after brothers’ murder. Six arrested

By Monday morning, police and troops had quelled the riots staged by furious settlers against Palestinians in Huwara and other locations around Nablus after a Palestinian terrorist shot dead two Israeli brothers from neighboring Har Bracha. Six rioters were arrested. Palestinian sources report one killed and hundreds injured in the outbreak, during which shops, homes and vehicles were set on fire. The president and prime minister appealed to the grieving community “Don’t take the law into your hands. Let the IDF and security forces do their job.” They are sparing no effort to catch the brothers’ killer, he said.  Defense Minister Yoav Galant has sent two additional infantry units – the 202nd Paratrooper Battalion and the 435th Battalion of the Givati Brigade – to boost security in northern Samaria and raised the alert level in Jerusalem and the Gaza border district as well.


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