Rocket barrage from Gaza after two Palestinian jihadists killed in clash

Rocket alerts sounded Sunday evening across southern Israeli localities within range of the Gaza Strip –  from Ashkelon  and Sderot to Kissufim. Iron Dome defense systems were deployed around the Palestinian enclave after the Islamic Jihad vowed to avenge the death of two terrorists whom IDF troops shot dead as they planted a bomb trap for IDF border patrols. Israeli forces who crossed over to collect the two bodies withdrew when they came under fire.


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18 thoughts on “Rocket barrage from Gaza after two Palestinian jihadists killed in clash

  • Feb 23, 2020 @ 18:23 at 18:23

    The, be it fully justified, pick up of the body of the dead terrorist by shovel in the manner done by the driver deserves no beauty price.

  • Feb 23, 2020 @ 21:12 at 21:12

    Total failure in every step of a suite of actions for Islamic Jihad.
    Their commanders are laughing stock.

  • Feb 23, 2020 @ 23:12 at 23:12

    They are in Kahoots with Iran, Israel’s Right Wing and the US, keeping this silly conflict going indefinitely. Ask yourself who benefits? Not the Gazans. So why are they doing it?

    If Islamic Jihad wanted to cause some harm with those rockets they would fire them at the Wall. They could easily hit it with their eyes closed.

    If they wanted to really cause Israel some harm, they would then herd a few hundred thousand Gazans through the gap in the wall, women and children first.

    Imagine the uproar and backlash in the press — especially in Europe — when the women and children at the front get gunned up by the IDF. You would never live it down. LOL.

    But instead they fire these rockets at well-defended cities and they get shot down before they hit anything, and the Palestinians end up looking like animals.

    Iran benefits because keeping alive the myth that they want to destroy Israel makes the US reluctant to invade them — no American president wants to be remembered for causing a missile attack on Israel.

    The Right Wing in Israel benefits because when Israelis worry about their security they mobe their vote to the Right.

    The US benefits because it prevents the consolidation of the Middle East. If the Israelis were everywhere and running universities and hospitals and banks and hotels and building and buying and selling; and if the Arabs and Turks and Persians werencoming and going to Israel to get medical treatment, invest their money and etc. — The US would struggle to keep an invasion stockpile and a beachhead in Israel. What is the point of transplanting a Western population to the Eastern Med, building ports and airports and bases and stockpiling tanks and trucks and ammunition, if when the time comes the Israelis say they are as interested in a war as say the Swedes? The hatred keeps the beachhead open.

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