Third night of Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza

Sunday night and Monday morning saw three rockets aimed from Gaza at the town of Sderot, making this the third day of the Palestinian barrage. The first landed harmlessly on open ground; two were intercepted by Iron Dome. Four civilians were injured while running for shelter. The IDF retaliated by closing the Mediterranean fishing zone outside the enclave. Hamas said that the escalation of violence emanating from the Gaza Strip was down to Israeli forces.  Along the border,  on Sunday night, hundreds of Palestinians rampaged and spread smoking tires.

In Jerusalem, Police Commissioner Yakov Shabtai ordered the removal of barriers around Damascus Gate of the Old City, to allow Palestinian Ramadan worshippers to sit on the steps leading up to the portal. This concession prompted the young Palestinian rioters, who have been holding violent street riots for more than a week, to stage a victory demonstration.


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