Rouhani leads chorus of US foes gloating over “fragmented American democracy”

America’s foes crowed happily over Wednesday’s riots on Capital Hill, while its allies mourned. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani: “What we saw shows above all how fragile and vulnerable Western democracy is. I hope the whole world and the next occupants of the White House will learn from it.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry: “The events in Washington show that the US electoral process is archaic.The United States will never again be able to tell the world that we are the paragon of democracy.” The Moscow Times. US gets the kind of ‘democracy’ it championed overseas. “The US denounced as illegitimate the presidential elections in Belarus, Bolivia and Venezuela.”’

In China, the internet taunted America’s plight comparing the “beautiful sight” of the rampage in DC to the chaotic anti-government protests of 2019 in Hong Kong,

European leaders were less amused. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said those who stormed the US legislature were “attackers and rioters” and that she felt “angry and also sad.” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the “disgraceful scenes.” Macron: “When, in one of the world’s oldest democracies, supporters of an outgoing president take up arms to challenge the legitimate results of an election, a universal idea – that of ‘one person, one vote’ – is undermined.

Another close ally, Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia, condemned the “distressing scenes” and said he looked forward to a peaceful transfer of power.

In India, the world’s largest democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi – who has enjoyed a good relationship with President Trump – said he was “distressed to see news about rioting and violence” in Washington. “Orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue,” he tweeted.



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