Saudi-led coalition strikes Sanaa, reprisal for Houthi attack on UAE

Residents reported 14 killed in the Yemen capital by a Saudi-led coalition air strike early Tuesday, the day after a Houthi attack killed three people in the UAE. The air strike targeted Houthi strongholds, camps and drones. The UAE claimed the right to respond to “terrorist attacks” after a Houthi spokesman confirmed using both ballistic missiles and armed drones to strike deep inside the Emirates. A fire was ignited near Abu Dhabi airport and two Indians and a Pakistani were killed while working on oil tankers. Two weeks ago, Houthi rebels seized a UAE-flagged ship off the Yemen coast. Monday’s Houthi attack was, however, their first attack on Emirati soil to be acknowledged by Abu Dhabi, although they have struck inside Saudi Arabia numerous times. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the Houthi group will be held accountable for the incident, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemned the attacks in a phone call with his Emirati counterpart Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed.
Israeli security sources note that air defenses were recently bolstered in Eilat, which is the same distance from Yemen as the UAE.

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