Security alert in Gaza sector ends. Two Palestinians infiltrators detained

Israeli forces detained two unarmed Palestinians who stole across the Gaza border Friday and were heading for an Israeli location in the Shear Hanegev region. Earlier, three Palestinians were detained further south. They were carrying knives.

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3 thoughts on “Security alert in Gaza sector ends. Two Palestinians infiltrators detained

  • Mar 8, 2019 @ 18:22 at 18:22

    Why does el kuds post keep calling Arabs palestinians.. especially gazans

  • Mar 8, 2019 @ 18:24 at 18:24

    Why does el kuds file keep calling Arabs palestinians.. especially gazans

  • Mar 8, 2019 @ 20:11 at 20:11

    Two comments:

    1.”unarmed” just means they were able to dump their weapons under the sand before being surrounded.

    2. I agree with the comments above. Why do you use the fake term “palestinian”. That is helping to the terrorists’ propaganda warfare. Call them what they are: “terrorists’. You can call them “arabs” if they haven’t been caught personally committing terrorists acts. “Palestinian” would only apply to Goliat (Goliath) and his people who invaded by sea (of Greek origin) and were exterminated a long time ago. Arabs invading by land have nothing to do with the Greek sea people. The Romans had a difficult time controlling the Jews in Israel (called Judea back then by EVERYONE since there weren’t political propaganda wars YET on this subject). After years of costly battles, they finally defeated the Jews, and issued commemorative coins “Judea Capta” (we captured Judea). But after that, the first propaganda war on Jews was born. To erase the painful (for the Romans) memory of Jews being free in their own land, started calling it Palestina (after the Phillistines, the Greek enemies of the Jews, who were long gone, but the story was still in the Jewish bible and taught by local historians). The British, who wanted to appease the Arabs (some of whom helped them fight the Ottomans in WW I), picked up on the Roman idea. Officially, (official documents, coins, stamps) in English they called Israel “Palestine”, while simultaneously on the same documents, in Hebrew called it (the land of) Israel. Later the arabs, from whom the Jews have a lot to learn in the field of propaganda and psychological warfare, picked up on this as a fraudulent way to give some “legitimacy” to their desire to conquer Israel. It is not Israel (The Jewish homeland for thousands of years) anymore, but now it is “palestine” (see, the British say so!) and has nothing to do with the Jewish people. And to make even a bigger mockery of history, the arabs are now “palestinians” (whatever that means). This kind of “farce history” actually works with many of the uneducated people of the world, and if they are antisemitcal, even if slightly educated, they turn a blind eye due to hatred and jealousy. Many Jews are naive, and help their enemies in the propaganda war, by “propagating” (yes, that’s why its called propaganda) the enemies’ lies. Never call arabs (especially terrorists) “palestinians”.

    Similary, the left-wing radical media is not the “mainstream” media. (Except in Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba).


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