Sgt Yitzhak killed in Jenin battle as IDF winds down major operation

Staff Sgt. David Yehuda Yizhak, 23, from Bethel, member of the elite Egoz unit, was killed in the last, furious exchange of fire in Jenin during the IDF force’s exit from the Palestinian refugee camp, so ending its House and Garden operation on Tuesday. It was sparked by Palestinian gunmen sheltering in the Jenin hospital and graveyard. Sgt/ Yitzhak is survived by his parents and six siblings. His death is under probe.

The IDF estimates that at least 18 armed Palestinian terrorists were killed in battle during the two-day operation and several hundred detained. Fourteen addresses were targeted as hideouts for wanted terrorists and operations command centers.  as well as six explosives workshops and more than 500 products ready for distribution.

While satisfied with the operation’s outcome as a major setback for the Palestinian plan to set up a second Gaza Strip in Jenin, security and military leaders stress that  Palestinian terror is far from finally vanquished and more action will be unavoidable.

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