Shin Bet busts terror network aligned with Hizballah, Iran

Nine Palestine Popular Front members are under arrest for forming a terrorist network sponsored by Iran and Hizballah in the guise of a humanitarian organization,  the Shin Bet Security revealed on Tuesday after a long investigation. One of its leaders, Yazan Abu Salah, 23, from the Israeli Arab town of Arabeh, detained three months ago, revealed that the network, funded and trained by Iran and Hizballah in Syria and Lebanon, was ordered to carry out major operations, including attacking the Israeli village of Harish and kidnapping an Israeli soldier to force the release of Palestinian prisoners. When he was caught, Salah was ready with to go with weapons and activists he had appointed to head two arms of the network in Samaria and Ramallah. In its statement, the Shin Bet noted that the deep ties they had set up with the PPFL attested to the determination of Iran and Hizballah to unleash a campaign of terror against Israel.

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