Spanish Prime Minister deposed. Socialists move in

Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy was deposed Friday by a no-confidence vote in parliament amid corruption scandals in his center-right People’s Party (PP). The Socialist opposition leader Pedro Sanchez is poised to take over. Former PP politicians this month received jail sentences for taking bribes from businessmen for lucrative public contracts. Rajoy is the first prime minister to be removed in a no-confidence vote since Spain transitioned to democracy in 1977.

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8 thoughts on “Spanish Prime Minister deposed. Socialists move in

  • Jun 1, 2018 @ 17:32 at 17:32

    Once independent, Catalonia will expel all Muslims, and so becoming the first free country in Europe.

    • Jun 1, 2018 @ 18:53 at 18:53

      Stop to say idiotic things. Catalonia on the whole is voting more to the left than the other parts of spain. Their problem is a several centuries quarrel with Castilians. While coastal areas of the Catalonia and Basque country were industrial locomotives of the Spain in 19th and 20th century, rural hinterland of Castilia was retarded agrarian region. Thus the claim that Catalonia is maintaining Castilia, being deplored her ancient Fueros and submitted to the political dictat of Castilia. The quarrel is more vicious because Catalan is a separate language in fact a branch of Occitan, or how it was called in the Middle ages Languedoc, and it gives claim that Catalans is a nation apart from castilians. In this ancient animosity Muslims pay no part, to the contrary Reconquista, i.e. fight to expel muslim Arabo-berber invaders from the Pyrenean peninsula is a part of the Castil’s Foundation Myth.

      • Jun 1, 2018 @ 21:13 at 21:13

        No stupid, forget the past, Muslims of today!

  • Jun 1, 2018 @ 18:38 at 18:38

    Yes just like when Spain was liberated from the Muslims and they kicked the Jews out also then started the inquisition to persecute the remaining non-Christians. Then as Conquistadors using Arab horses and steel invaded and pillaged defenseless natives across the americas. Sounds like more Bloodthirsty Baptist Rapture ™ self fulfilling prophesies of knuckle dragging destruction ™.

    • Jun 1, 2018 @ 18:49 at 18:49

      Not in secret did I speak, in a place of a land of darkness; I did not say to the seed of Jacob, Seek Me, in vain; I am the Lord, Who speaks righteousness, declares things that are right. 20. Assemble and come, approach together, you survivors of the nations; those who carry their graven wooden image and pray to a god who does not save, do not know. 21. Declare and present, let them even take counsel together; who announced this from before, [who] declared it from then? Is it not I, the Lord, and there are no other gods besides Me, a just and saving God there is not besides Me. 22. Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is no other. 23. By Myself I swore, righteousness emanated from My mouth, a word, and it shall not be retracted, that to Me shall every knee kneel, every tongue shall swear.” 24. But to me did He say by the Lord righteousness and strength, to Him shall come and be ashamed all who are incensed against Him. 25. Through the Lord shall all the seed of Israel find righteousness and boast.

      • Jun 1, 2018 @ 21:10 at 21:10

        Once upon a time, the Enlightenment Being was born as a tiny quail. Although he had little feet and wings, he could not yet walk or fly. His parents worked hard bringing food to the nest, feeding him from their beaks.

        In that part of the world, there were usually forest fires every year. So it happened that a fire began in that particular year. All the birds who were able, flew away at the first sign of smoke. As the fire spread, and got closer and closer to the nest of the baby quail, his parents remained with him. Finally the fire got so close, that they too had to fly away to save their lives.

        All the trees, big and small, were burning and crackling with a loud noise. The little one saw that everything was being destroyed by the fire that raged out of control. He could do nothing to save himself. At that moment, his mind was overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness.

        Then it occurred to him, “My parents loved me very much. Unselfishly they built a nest for me, and then fed me without greed. When the fire came, they remained with me until the last moment. All the other birds who could, had flown away a long time before.

        “So great was the loving-kindness of my parents, that they stayed and risked their lives, but still they were helpless to save me. Since they could not carry me, they were forced to fly away alone. I thank them, wherever they are, for loving me so. I hope with all my heart they will be safe and well and happy.

        “Now I am all alone. There is no one I can go to for help. I have wings, but I cannot fly away. I have feet, but I cannot run away. But I can still think. All I have left to use is my mind – a mind that remains pure. The only beings I have known in my short life were my parents, and my mind has been filled with loving-kindness towards them. I have done nothing unwholesome to anyone. I am filled with new-born innocent truthfulness.”

        Then an amazing miracle took place. This innocent truthfulness grew and grew until it became larger than the little baby bird. The knowledge of truth spread beyond that one lifetime, and many previous births became known. One such previous birth had led to knowing a Buddha, a fully enlightened knower of Truth – one who had the power of Truth, the purity of wholesomeness, and the purpose of compassion.

        Then the Great Being within the tiny baby quail thought, “May this very young innocent truthfulness be united with that ancient purity of wholesomeness and power of Truth. May all birds and other beings, who are still trapped by the fire, be saved. And may this spot be safe from fire for a million years!”

        And so it was.

        • Jun 1, 2018 @ 22:15 at 22:15

          Buddhahu akbar!

          • Jun 1, 2018 @ 22:36 at 22:36

            Once upon a time, there was a tavern owner in Benares. He had a hard working bartender, who was always trying to be helpful by inventing new ways of doing things. One hot day, the tavern owner wanted to bathe in a nearby river. So he left the bartender in charge while he was gone.

            The bartender had always wondered why most of the customers ate a little salt after drinking their liquor. Not wishing to show his ignorance, he never bothered to ask them why they did this. He did not know that they ate the salt in order to chase away the aftertaste of the liquor. He thought it needed salt to taste good.

            He wondered why taverns did not add salt to their liquor. He decided that if he did so, the business would make much higher profits, and the tavern owner would be very pleased. So he added salt to all the liquor! To his surprise, when the customers came to the tavern and drank the salty liquor, they immediately spit it out and went to a different bar.

            When the owner returned from his dip in the river, he found his tavern without customers, and all his liquor ruined. So he went and told this story to his friend, an adviser to the king, and he adviser said, “The ignorant, wishing only to do good, often cannot help doing harm.”

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