Syria alleges Israeli Aleppo air strike from Iraq

Syrian security sources say an Israeli missile attack on a research center and military base in Aleppo on Monday night came from the US military garrison at Al Tanf in southern Iraq. This was the fifth Israel attack in Syria in two weeks, they claimed. No comment as come from Israeli or US sources.
On March 31, DEBKAfile revealed that Iran’s IRGC Al Qods and Hizballah had relocated their Syrian HQ from the “Glass House” in Damascus to the northern province of Aleppo. A new Iranian command center was set up at the Al Assad Military Academy some 7km south of central Aleppo to accommodate 2,000 armed men. Hizballah was put in charge of securing the compound with the help of Iranian mobile Bavar-373 anti-air batteries.

Western intelligence sources describe the “research center” attacked as one of the facilities where Syrian developed chemical weapons with the help of Iranian scientists.

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