Syria: Israeli air strike against T4 airbase came from the south

Damascus reported Friday night that the air strike targeting the big T4 airbase near Homs in central Syria was conducted by Israel – unusually from the direction of the southern Al-Tanf border junction between Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Syrian air defenses were claimed to have intercepted most of the missiles although six Syrian troops were injured. The T4 base houses Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces, weapons depots and drones, as well as serving as a Russian air base. This would be the first alleged air strike over Syria attributed to Israel since Aug. 19.

Earlier Friday, “unidentified aircraft” were said to have hit pro-Iranian militia sites at Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria.

Syrian oppositions sources added later: Two pro-Iranian militiamen were killed in the strike on the T4 air base, which also served as a training facility for assault drone crews.

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