Syrian media: Israel jets strike targets around Damascus and Homs

Air strikes attributed by Syrian media to Israeli warplanes were launched early Friday from Beirut in Lebanon against targets in western Damascus and southern Homs. The sources claimed that Syrian air defenses downed most of the Israeli missiles. Lebanon complained to the UN about alleged Israeli infringement of its airspace and dislocation of civilian air traffic.

Syrian opposition sources: The attacks were aimed at Hizballah and pro-Iranian militia sites, including a weapons depot in a Homs suburb that was destroyed.

On Wednesday, Syria claimed a previous Israeli attack, this one close to its border with Israel near Quneitra. A Hizballah position situated at Khader, a village near Majdel Shams, was purportedly targeted then too. Leaflets were dropped over nearby Syrian military bases with a caution to desist from collaborating with Hizballah.

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