Tentative control of massive Jerusalem fire gained overnight

After a night-long battle, firefighters had by Tuesday morning begun bringing under control the flames that for three days encompassed 5,000 acres of land and six communities in the Jerusalem Hills. They are standing guard at focal points lest the changeable winds in the hot, dry weather fan the blaze anew. Special units are detailed to protect Hadassah hospital. Most of the thousands evacuated from their homes will try and return to their homes and assess the damage. But evacuees from Orah, Even Sapir and Aminadav are in the line of the rising northwesterly wind and advised to stay clear. In any case, a high level of pollution envelopes the entire hill area. The Air Force has for the first time made available giant C-130 cargo planes for spreading fire extinguishing agents. Several countries, including France, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, have offered Israel help, but it is not yet clear if it will be needed.

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