This was just the start of a campaign, say Israel’s leaders

We are ready for the next stages of a possibly wider  campaign after the IDF took out three Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza Monday night, said PM Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, IDF Chief Lt. Gen. Hertzi Halevi and Shin Bet head Ronen in a joint broadcast Tuesday night after a cabinet meeting reviewed the “Defense and Arrow Operation.”

Netanyahu: “We are in the middle of a war – all working together as brothers – possibly in more than one arena.” Gallant did not rule out more rocket salvos from Gaza Tuesday night but warned: “We can replicate the ruses employed for our initial success in Gaza both there and in other arenas against a variety of threats.”

Gen. Halevi: We degraded Jihad’s military strength and armaments by means of a highly complex intelligence-cum-aerial operation” at a precisely chosen moment. While hoping to avoid harming uninvolved civilians, the Palestinian terrorists, he said, embed their hideouts in crowded residential areas regardless of the cost in Palestinian lives.”

Bar: We have foiled countless terrorist attacks and plots unknown to the public in the heart of Palestinian towns, including a recent attempt by Jihad to produce rockets in Jenin for launching into Israel. While Iran foots 60pc of Hamas’ budget, it fully funds Jihad. We can’t allow Iran to attack us through a Palestinian proxy.”


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