Top Palestinian official Saab Erekat in critical condition|

The senior Palestinian negotiator Saab Ereket, 65, is in critical condition Monday morning at Hadassah Ain Karem hospital suffering from covid-19. Having contracted coronavirus earlier this month, he was rushed to hospital from his home in Jericho Sunday night when his condition deteriorated.  The hospital reports that the Palestinian official is under sedation and attached to a respirator. He is treated as a high-risk patient having had a lung transplant in the US three years ago. “As a transplant patient, Mr. Erekat’s case is highly complex,” said the hospital. Hadassah’s top physicians are overseeing his care and conferring with colleagues on the best course of treatment.

Saab Erekat has been a prominent spokesman for the Palestinian Authority for many years and led its delegations at different peace talks with Israel, including the Oslo Peace Framework accords of the 1990s.


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