8 thoughts on “Trump heads for summit with Rouhani

  • Aug 1, 2018 @ 7:51 at 7:51

    We can only hope, that ANY possible “deal” with the ayatollahs would not sell out vital interests of Israeli
    security on the Golan, or other borders…

    • Aug 4, 2018 @ 16:17 at 16:17

      That will not happen in a million years. President Trump is by far the greatest friend to Israel and the Jewish people unlike his miserable predecessor.

  • Aug 1, 2018 @ 15:14 at 15:14

    So far it is only talk, . . . but Trump has done more with NK than everyone since Truman, . . . and more with this moslem latrine than everyone since Reagan.

    I hope it goes a lot further. He also needs to involve Pence somewhere down the road.

  • Aug 1, 2018 @ 16:49 at 16:49

    Therefore, Israel, can take matters into its own hands and continue attacking Iranians in Syria.

  • Aug 1, 2018 @ 20:12 at 20:12

    Here comes the tRump bus Israel, be prepared to be thrown under it, tRump gave Israel some “candies” in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital & moving the Embassy, BUT the bus IS coming for Israel’s “bus fare” for those “candies” !

  • Aug 1, 2018 @ 22:14 at 22:14

    ++++++++ On behalf of Meir Itcha, this is his comment on “Trump heads for summit with Rouhani. Israel caught by surprise” Debkafile @ Aug 1, 2018 ++++++++

    Regretfully I have many doubts about Trump when it comes to Israel. I believe Trump supports the Saudi peace plan which is suicidal to Israel. Hence he bases his own Real Estate Deal of the Century on the Saudi plan. Thus this message to the POTUS

    Dear Mr President. You came to power by the Will of the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H, through miracles. You were chosen to be the savior of Esav, bring Esav to repents and to support the Jews in Israel without any reservations. As long as you do that the USA will be blessed. Thus I would like to quote you (Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering on June 8, 2017):

    “If we stay devoted to our Creator our best days are yet to come”.

    And if not, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H will Bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return. You have surely noticed the warning signs – never has a president had some much domestic public opposition and also international.

    We all know that any so called peace plan will require the division of the Land of Israel. The King and Creator of the world and Guardian of Israel, HKB”H, the Owner of the world will not allow this to happen any more. So call back your team and bury your plans. Anyone who will put forward a peace plan that will even hint a division of the Holy Land, for Israel to give away even a grain of its soil for “peace” will suffer G’d’s judgment and wrath.

    Senior U.S. officials involved in drafting your Middle East peace plan pushed back on claims from Palestinian leadership and from some officials in Europe that the plan will be biased in favor of Israel. One official said, “Our peace plan is not a ‘Bibi plan,’” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Trump, the officials said, had insisted that US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was not meant to prejudge the outcome of future negotiations on that issue or others between the two sides. Another argument that your aides will likely make to Palestinians is that having granted Israel recognition of its claim to Jerusalem, the US leader might now have more leverage for seeking concessions later on from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US official said.

    Now, according to a front-page New York Times report on Nov. 12, the administration is preparing what it considers to be an “ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

    This ultimate deal is suicidal to Israel. You dispatched your Court Jews. Kushner, Greenblatt and Friedman to Israel to convince (force it upon) Israel, c”v. Your emissaries spied the Land and came back with a false report. They termed Israel’s enemies as giants and featured the Hebrews as grasshoppers.

    If the reported provisions of the plan are true, the your “deal of the century” would be the “disaster of the century.” Your reputation as Israel’s greatest friend would be destroyed.

    Bolton holds that so called Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza—which he called “bits and pieces of the collapsed Ottoman Empire” with “no particular history either of national identity or of economic interdependence”—should be ceded respectively to Jordan and Egypt.

    And about Jerusalem and the embassy move. It doesn’t alter the facts on the ground. You have still long to go to comply to the expectations of G’d. Not many are familiar with the wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act.
    Current wording in the US Embassy Relocation Act would move the embassy to Jerusalem — but deprive Israel of sovereignty in Jerusalem.

    That’s right: the bill does not officially recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.

    Spokespeople for the US State Department have made it clear that under ​current law, even if the US embassy moves to Jerusalem, US birth and death certificates will still be stamped “​Jerusalem” — with no country listed.

    You have offered your recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State but with a caveat:
    The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations,” [U.S.] officials said.

    This, in other words, is you are saying that Jerusalem is for sale, a property that can be negotiated. Whether or not Israel agrees.

    In what universe is this friendship?

    Hence, please Mr President do what G’d expects you to do and you will go down in history as the greatest president and you will have success in all your doings. On the other hand, as said here earlier, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land and or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB”H will Bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return.

    • Aug 2, 2018 @ 10:06 at 10:06

      who is Meir Itcha?…a lot of this sounds like fringe pseudo religious mumbo jumbo.

  • Aug 2, 2018 @ 2:13 at 2:13

    I hope President Trump grabs Roohanis hand to shake it, but pulls Roohani in and beats his face with the bottom of his shoe.


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