Trump speaks with Netanyahu on “Iranian threat”

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Sunday night about the threat from Iran and “other critical bilateral and regional issues,” the White House stated. There was no statement from Jerusalem on the conversation. Separately, Israeli’s foreign ministry condemned Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden for their decision to join the European mechanism for bypassing US sanctions on Iran by barter trade.

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9 thoughts on “Trump speaks with Netanyahu on “Iranian threat”

  • Dec 2, 2019 @ 7:48 at 7:48

    Eurabia is always spreading its legs for money – part of the $150B dollars Odumbo gave to Fascist Iran.

    “F” Eurabia and “F” Odumbo.

    • Dec 2, 2019 @ 12:36 at 12:36

      It’s time to bring out America’s charges against Netanyahu detailed in the Mueller report. Netanyahu’s orders to PsyGroup and Joel zamel to throw the election for Trump as well as the Netanyahu Kushner encryption a conspiracy over UN 2334 are needed to put Netanyahu away since he’s not leaving voluntarily.

      America’s wrath against Netanyahu over these events with the 2016 election and subverting US policy/ President Obama can now be released, now that mandelblit and Israel itself have red lines on Netanyahu and are in the process of bringing him down. They just need some American help in the process and it’s time to get cracking with that before Netanyahu drums up one of his many scenarios desperately seeking a war with Iran

      • Dec 2, 2019 @ 12:40 at 12:40

        There should be an automatic Black Flag on any words coming out of netanyahu’s mouth regarding attacking Iran

        Mueller has Netanyahu trussed up an a straight jacket and a hockey mask and ready for prosecution

        As soon as people realize Netanyahu is not going to leave power voluntarily then the American charges against Netanyahu will naturally come play, in this way America will help Israel and giving Netanyahu the old heave-ho

        • Dec 3, 2019 @ 3:16 at 3:16

          @Red Lines on the Desperado Netanyahu Black Flag on the Max Boot-Pence War on Iran Plan

          You are a sorryos troll, muler is a sorryos minion. Your reality is more fanatical than a pathetic boring B cult movie from the 1980’s.

          Here is a dose of True reality:
          The People of the United States of America threw the election for POTUS Trump.

          sorryos, muler, hrc jezebel, obambi, shanty brennan, clappy, poltergeist pelosi, shifty, and all the other false prophets of baal will be rounded up and receiving a death blow of justice in the near future, just like elijah did.

          Your fake kind will be the ones trussed up in the near future….tick tock tick tock

          Dec 9th, the anniversary of the START of the Nuremberg trials….Coincidence?

    • Dec 2, 2019 @ 12:46 at 12:46

      Worldwide boycott against Israel is coming down the pike –

      These labeling laws about settlement products will seem quaint as the diplomatic tsunami hits Israel just and the floodgates open, all as we approach the 2020 elections

  • Dec 2, 2019 @ 17:53 at 17:53

    Isn’t it clear? God does not want Israel to be a jewish only state? Israel is for all the people of God… Not just one tribe or race.

    There is a grandier plan that was laid out before the prophets. Something the Jews never accepted. To the point of killing all the prophets God sent.

    • Dec 2, 2019 @ 20:06 at 20:06


    • Dec 3, 2019 @ 2:59 at 2:59

      @Israel is not meant to be a jewish state according to the Bible.

      No one is saying it is a “Jewish only state.” Israel is one of the most lenient nations in the world. They have allowed muslims to control the Temple Mount for crying out loud, and they have an Arab faction that holds 13 seats in the Knesset.

      “Something the Jews never accepted,” Isaiah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joel, Micah, Obadiah, Zechariah, and Zephaniah, all belonged to the tribe of Judah, so your comment lacks reality, since men from the tribe of Judah were the ones relaying the message of the “grandier plan.”

      Your lack of knowledge and insight is pathetic, and it would be wiser for you to remain silent or comment on issues that you are more versed in, or just stick to topics that the website is designed for.

  • Dec 3, 2019 @ 17:32 at 17:32

    The EU is the enabler of terrorism which will bite them in the @.


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