US security tight on every secret step of Zelensky’s trip to Washington

For his first overseas wartime trip, Zelensky’s first stopover was at a Polish border railway station. BBC tracking of the event reports that, from Poland, mindful of Russian missile threats, he was picked up by waiting US cars which drove him and his entourage to a US Air Force Boeing C-40B which then lew northwest from Poland towards the UK and the North Sea. After a NATO spy plane scanned the area for Russian submarines, a US F-15 fighter jet taking off from England escorted Zelensky on the final lap of his journey. Word of his visit to the US and planned meeting with President Joe Biden was not released until he was well on his way. Zelensky arrived in the US around noon Wednesday 10 hours after takeoff and many more hours of travel. By Thursday, he was back in Ukraine, after transiting Poland for talks with his counterpart Andrzej Duda. US security was not relaxed until the Ukrainian president was home in Kyiv.

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