Vaccination of teens in early summer. Six million adults by April

With unusual optimism, Health Ministry Director, Prof. Hezi Levi, on Monday lauded the current slowdown of coronavirus infection due to the highly effective mass vaccination. The widespread violations of health guidelines in Purim two weeks ago left little imprint on the infection figures, he said. He foresaw 6 million people being vaccinated by April, embracing almost the entire adult population, leaving around 3 million children unvaccinated. However, he foresaw the immunization of children aged 12-16 beginning by May or June. Asked whether the Passover Seder at the end of March would be restricted to “nuclear families” in the same way as last year, Dr. Levi smiled and said: “If the present trend persists, 20 people may gather around the Seder table and 50 outdoors.

A total of 3,662 new coronavirus cases were recorded Sunday, 4.0pc of tests showing positive. The number of seriously ill dropped further to 668 with 212 on ventilators. The number of deaths rose to 5,922. Altogether, 4,995 million Israelis received their first vaccination shots and 3,900 both.

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