Most urgent threat facing Obama is potential for attack on America – Bush in his last press conference

Eight days before ending his two terms in office as US president, George W. Bush said “There is still an enemy out there who wants to attack America and Americans.” The homeland is still threatened. That is the most urgent threat facing Barack Obama. He was answering media questions for the last time Monday, Jan. 12.
On the Gaza conflict, Bush said: I’m trying for a sustainable ceasefire that stops Hamas firing rockets into Israel. “The choice is for Hamas to make. The best way to achieve it is to work with Egypt to stop the smuggling of weapons used by Hamas to fire those rockets.” Israel has a right to defend itself and I would hope less innocent people are hurt and humanitarian aid is expedited. Countries supplying Hamas with those weapons must stop and be forced to by international pressure.
Asked about his failure to achieve a Middle East peace, Bush quipped: “It’s a long time since they’ve had peace in the Middle East. Vision is important.” The president said most people have accepted his two-state vision and Palestinians are getting more efficient in managing security with US help. He warned: “People are willing to murder to stop the advance of freedom, “he said, citing Hamas and al Qaeda. He added: “North Korea is still dangerous, Iran is still dangerous.”
Regarding the economic crisis, he said he was not comfortable approving funds for the people in who caused the crisis. “Wall Street got drunk and my administration got the hangover.”

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