Netanyahu: Coronavirus figures double every three days, may surge into thousands requiring full lockdown

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned the nation on Wednesday, March 25, that a full lockdown will be next if people don’t comply with the new restrictions. “The number of coronavirus cases doubles every three days and in the next 15 days, is liable to infect thousands, with many at risk of their lives,” he said. “If the trend doesn’t look up within days, there will be no escape from a full-scale lockdown on the country, excepting only essential purchases of food and medicine.

“All the logistical and legal preparations for the worst case are already in place,” the prime minister said. DEBKAfile sources report that large stores are being erected and stocked at top speed ready to distribute food to people confined to their homes.
Addressing the general public, Netanyahu stressed that staying at home means staying alive. The coronavirus peril does not distinguish between different parts of the population, whether they wear kippas or kefiyehs. “Exercise self-discipline,” he exhorted. “Above all, take care of yourselves and your families, else we will have a calamity on our hands.

Netanyahu reiterated his call on everyone to stay home and read the new emergency regulations that will be in force for the next 7 days:

  • Everybody stays home except for approved jobs, shopping for food and medicines or medical treatment.
  • Other outings are limited to 100m from home for short spells
  • Public transport scaled down by 25pc. No trains.
  • No more than one passenger in cars or taxis.
  • Delivery services are permitted by supermarkets, food services and restaurants
  • Synagogues are closed.
  • Police and soldiers monitoring compliance with the new regulations may levy fines.
  • Teachers will go back to online lessons.

President Reuven Rivlin, who addressed the nation earlier, appealed to leaders and political parties to set their differences aside and join hands for the current emergency.

After they spoke, there was another jump in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases from 2,030 to 2,369, including 39 in serious condition.

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