Netanyahu: The UN’s primary mission is to prevent Tehran acquiring nuclear weapons

In an impassioned speech to the UN General Assembly Thursday, Sept 24, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the United Nations’ most important mission today is to prevent “the tyrants of Tehran” from acquiring nuclear weapons, because the marriage of religious fanaticism and weapons of mass destruction would endanger the world. Holding up the minutes of the Nazi leaders’ 1942, decision to annihilate the Jewish people, Netanyahu said the man who called the Holocaust a lie also pledges to wipe out the state of the Jewish people, making a mockery of the UN Charter.
His statement, “We ask the Palestinians to recognize the nation-state of the Jewish people just as we recognize the Palestinian wish for a home of their own,” won applause in the chamber. Netanyahu went on to say he believes the two peoples can live side by side in peace, prosperity and dignity, if there is security. Therefore the Palestinian state must be “effectively demilitarized.”
The prime minister slammed the UN report which held Israel guilty of war crimes in its Gaza operation last January, accusing its authors of “equating terrorists and their victims.” The world body never once condemned Hamas’ eight-year rocket offensive against the Israeli population.
Israel must be sure the world body rejects this biased report before embarking on peace talks with the Palestinians, he said. “We must be sure the West Bank will never be another Gaza.”
Israel wants peace and believes it is possible with good will and hard work, so long as “the world body fights terrorist forces and their backers and does not accommodate them.”

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