New Direction in Search for Anthrax Culprit

Fresh foreign leads in the FBI’s anthrax investigation point to the involvement of one or more German or Austrian biological or chemical researcher with pro-Nazi leanings, part of a complicated South American web linked to the Hizballah and fugitive Nazi communities, some of whom are also connected to Iraqi military intelligence. One or a group of these researchers are thought to have entered the United States and found jobs with American industrial laboratories or research institutes, setting up clandestine private biological warfare labs in their spare time.
One of those leads turned up, debkafile reveals, when on October 10 a group of 10 terrorists was caught in Mexico City on its way to assassinate Mexican president Vicente Fox and carry out a mass strike in the Mexican Senate. They were found by US and Mexican investigators to be a Lebanese Hizballah gang, preparing to celebrate the first month’s anniversary of their ally’s “feats” in New York and Washington by hitting one of America’s foremost allies on the continent. The terrorists reached Mexico from the Brazil-Uruguay-Paraguay triangle, fresh from training at the hands of German neo-Nazis. They could not say if their instructors were linked to Arab or Islamic intelligence agencies, but a description of one of those instructors rang a bell: he sounded like one of the suspects long sought in connection with the Hizballah bombings of the Israeli Embassy and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1993 and 1994.
Imad Mugniyeh, the notorious hostage-taker and bomber of Beirut in the 1980s, is now believed to have masterminded those strikes. Currently a senior commander of Al Qaeda, Mughniyeh is thought to have developed neo-Nazi contacts in Latin America through local Lebanese expatriate businessmen. Various agencies, including the FBI, are now probing his possible complicity in the bioterror attack on America, in view of the evidence of his involvement in the September 11 atrocities in New York and Washington and his links to neo-Nazi elements in South America.
At the same time, Iraqi military intelligence is also known to be very active in Latin America in the Arab and Nazi expatriate communities.
When last Thursday, the US president’s national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, administered her sharp rebuke to the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, for “hugging” the Hizballah, she certainly had the Hizballah gang in Mexico City in mind.

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