New Hizballah-Hamas pact extends anti-Israel missile range from Gaza

The Iran-backed Lebanese terror group, Hizballah, has contracted to partner Hamas’ ongoing crash program using the month-old ceasefire with Israel to intensify combat training and arms procurement in preparation for war.
debkafile‘s military sources report exclusively that the two groups have signed a secret deal to establish a joint “situation room” under the direction of Hizballah’s Unit 1800 to operate from twin command centers in Beirut and Gaza City.
This unit is in charge of Hizballah’s links with the Palestinians, terrorist operations and intelligence-gathering in Israel.
Hizballah’s input under the new pact consists of enhancing the combat skills of Hamas and the pro-Iranian Jihad Islami combatants and extending the range of their rockets to 22 km. This will double the Israeli population within range of Palestinian rockets and missiles from points in the Gaza Strip and substantially improve their current range of 12-18 km.
Defense minister Ehud Barak had this information Sunday, Aug. 31 when he told the Israeli cabinet that the “ceasefire had justified itself.”
He was replying to the internal security minister Avi Dichter’s report that the Palestinian side had violated the Gaza ceasefire 38 times. Barak failed to brief the ministers on the new Hamas-Hizballah pact. It is viewed with great concern by members of the high IDF command as yet another benefit conferred on the most radical terrorist groups by Israel’s consent to withhold military action and accept a truce.

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