Newly upgraded Iron Dome intercepts multiple drones and missile salvoes

An improved version of the Iron Dome has successfully completed a series of trials, Israel’s Ministry of Defense and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced on Tuesday, March 16. After its impeccable decade-long performance of downing 2,500 short-range Palestinian rockets aimed from the Gaza Strip against civilian targets, Iron Dome has taken a large leap forward for meeting more formidable, distant threats.

In the trials, taking place at a site in southern Israel, the defense weapon showed the system’s new ability to simultaneously intercept multiple UAVs and a salvo of rockets and missiles. Iron Dome “now has the operational flexibility to meet emerging and rapidly changing threats,” said Defense Minister Benny Gantz. The Israeli Air Force and Navy took part in the trials. The new Iron Domes will be delivered to the Israel Defense Forces and Navy in the near future.

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