Obama cites US systemic and human failure on Detroit plane attack

US president Barack Obama, delivering his second speech in 24 hours on the failed airliner attack on Christmas day said: “Data was not shared and a systemic failure occurred. I consider that totally unacceptable.” To save time the statement was delivered Tuesday, Dec. 29, by video, which he explained by saying that information reaching him in the last 24 hours raised serious concerns. Weeks ago, information came from the suspect’s father to intelligence which was not efficiently distributed. “Bits of information with the intelligence community should have been pieced together and was not.” He went on to say that the system in place for some years is not sufficiently up to date. Human and system failures contributed to this catastrophic lapse in security, he said, adding: “It is my job to ensure our intelligence and homeland security departments are working efficiently and people are made accountable.” This was taken by debkafile‘s Washington sources as indicating that heads would be rolling in these departments in due course.
Twelve hours before Obama’s second speech DEBKA ran an article covering the same ground. To read the article click HERE
His first speech from Hawaii Monday was unusually hard-hitting. He vowed to “keep up the pressure on those who would attack and slaughter innocent women and children” – not just defensively, but by using “every element in our power to disrupt and defeat violent extremists” whether they are in Afghanistan, Somalila, Yemen or anywhere.”
Regarding the failed Christmas day attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit flight coming in to land,
He promised Americans to do everything in his power to keep the “traveling public safe,” including enhanced security and screening procedures and posting air marshals on incoming and departing flights.
Obama said his administration would not rest until all those involved in the attempt were found. He had ordered two important reviews of the watch list system and the no-fly list to locate the gaps between them.
Turning to Iran, Obama condemned the violent and unjust repression of Iranian citizens and the “iron fists of brutality” applied even on holy days. He said American stood with those fighting for justice and called for the release of detained protesters.

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