Olmert government accused of cheating kidnapped soldier’s family

Noam Shalit plans to sue the Olmert government for failing to include his son, Gilead Shalit, kidnapped by Hamas two years ago, in the Gaza ceasefire accord with Hamas mediated by Egypt. He accuses prime minister Ehud Olmert and other officials of breaking explicit pledges to the Shalit family.
The ceasefire goes into effect Thursday, June 19, at 0600 hours. Noam Shalit further charges that Israel’s consent to the reopening of the Gaza crossings, including the Rafah crossing to Sinai, endangers his son’s life because it will enable his abductors to smuggle him out to an unknown destination. He pointed to the fate of the Israeli navigator Ron Arad who disappeared without trace from Lebanon 19 years ago and was probably spirited to Iran.
Shalit told TV Channel 2 Wednesday night: “The government cheated me. To this moment we have had no word from any official quarter on what his happening.” He said he had instructed his lawyers to write a letter to the prime minister, defense minister and foreign minister, giving them 48 hours to incorporate his son’s release in the truce accord with Hamas – otherwise he will petition the High Court to annul the ceasefire agreement.

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