Olmert refuses to recognize Washington’s policy reversal on a nuclear Iran

“I don’t know one person in the United States who can accept nuclear weapons being in Iranian hands,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Committee of Newspaper Editors prior to his departure for Europe on Thursday, Dec. 7.
debkafile‘s sources report: Olmert remains oblivious to the new reality in Washington, where the powers that be have already come to terms with the prospect of a nuclear Iran.
The same can be said about the Golan Heights.
“I don’t know what [President George W. Bush] will decide regarding the Iraq Study Group report [which recommends giving the Golan to Syria],” Olmert said. “What I heard from the president is that there is no possibility of negotiations – not American-Syrian and not Israeli-Syrian.”
debkafile‘s sources say Olmert does not understand that Bush is no longer in charge of Washington’s policy regarding Iran and Syria – Jim Baker and Robert Gates are.

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