Pakistan detains 15-year old for complicity in Bhutto murder last month

Al Jazeera reports Aitezaz Shah, arrested in the northwest tribal South Waziristan region, admitted he was one of the five suicide bombers sent by Baitullah Mehsud to assassinate the former Pakistani prime minister in Rawalpindi.
Mehsud’s regional network is tied to Taliban and al Qaeda
debkafile pointed the finger at a Qaeda on Dec. 29.
Shah said two of the five killed Benazir Bhutto by shooting her and detonating an explosive vest as she left a rally. The whereabouts of the other two are unknown.
Another 20 people died in the explosion. CIA officials believe Mehsud recruits and trains suicide killers for the Taliban and al Qaeda.
Saturday, Jan. 19, the Pakistan military claimed to have killed up to 90 pro-Taliban fighters in two separate battles in South Waziristan.

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