Pakistan’s ex-PM Benazir Bhutto says her plans to run for third term unchanged by bomb attack which killed 136, injured 290, in Karachi

President Musharraf promised an independent probe into the attempted assassination of Bhutto Thursday, Oct. 18, the day of her return from an eight-year exile.
The explosions occurred as Bhutto paraded through crowded Karachi streets in an armored, bullet-proof bus at the head of a convoy. She was unharmed in the attack and police quickly whisked her away from the carnage to her Karachi home.
Forensic experts, who examined the head of the suspected bomber, said he carried an estimated 15-20 kilograms of explosives which he detonated after first throwing a grenade. Police are examining links to al Qaeda and Taliban, where Bhutto has made Islamist enemies by vowing to rid Pakistan of extremism and terrorism. There have been several threats on her life from radical groups who do not want a woman in power.
After a power-sharing understanding with President Pervez Musharraf, she plans to contest the general election in January for a third term at the head of the country’s largest political grouping, the Pakistan People’s Party – PPP.

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