Palestinian gunman injures 8 in Jerusalem

A Palestinian gunman injured 8 people in a drive-by attack Sunday, Oct. 9 at three sites in northern Jerusalem. Two are in critical condition; the others were moderately hurt. The terrorist started shooting from the driving seat of a moving car at people waiting at the light rail station opposite French Hill, where he shot a woman, then carried on to the Shimon Hatzadik for about a kilometer, shot up cars and injuring another woman, and ended in a shootout at the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrach. There, he was surrounded by police and an elite counter-terror force. In the ensuing shootout, he was killed after injuring two police officers, one seriously. The gunman was a 39-year old resident of Silwan, a district opposite the Old City of Jerusalem.

This was the most serious attack in the latest upsurge of Palestinian terror ahead of the Jewish High Festivals. He was able to drive between three sites near National Police Headquarters, shooting all the way, without being stopped. In the final shootout, residents at Sheikh Jerrach were heard shouting Allahu Akhbar! from their windows.

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