Israeli man and woman murdered by Palestinian gunman at Barkan, 2nd woman badly hurt

An Israeli man and a woman in their 30s have died of their injuries after a Palestinian gunman shot up an office at the Barkan industrial zone in Samaria early Sunday, Oct. 7. A second woman of 54 was seriously hurt. The terrorist who used a homemade automatic rifle in the attack fled. Paramedics tried to resuscitate the two victims before confirming they were dead. The second injured woman was rushed to hospital.
A preliminary investigation found that a Palestinian of 23 arrived at the industrial zone in Samaria, where Israelis and Palestinians work together, climbed up to the office floor and then began shooting. Security forces are combing the area for the armed Palestinian, who has been identified as coming from a village called Shweika near Tulkarm.

The IDF spokesman has called the incident a “grave act of terror” and announced military reinforcements are streaming to all parts of Samaria and Judea (West Bank) to ward off any further Palestinian attacks. The terrorist is still at large.

The murdered woman was found with bound hands. The second woman was shot and injured in a second room. Her condition has improved under hospital care. The killer wrote on his Facebook account: “May Allah send the message I am longing for.” An investigation has been launched to discover how he entered the industrial zone armed with a home-made Carlo automatic rifle.


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