Palestinian gunmen murder 4 Israelis at gas station near Eli

Four killed outright of the 8 victims of Palestinian automatic gunfire at a gas station and eatery opposite Eli in Binyamin on Tuesday, June 20. Four were pronounced dead on the spot at the eatery; four others sustained various degrees of injury and were evacuated to hospital. A civilian drew his personal firearm and eliminated one of the gunmen thus stopping the attack, whereupon the second escaped and is the object of a military manhunt. The terrorists used M16 automatic rifles. One of them was identified as a member of the Hamas terrorist organization which also provided his weapon.  The Eli community were instructed to lock their doors and stay home until further notice. Traffic was halted in the vicinity. PM Binyamin Netanyahu has called an emergency security conference.

Two hours later, the second gunman was found and killed at Tubas village in eastern Samaria in a combined IDF-Shin Bet operation.

The latest Palestinian terrorist attack came one day after massive explosives blew up an IDF convoy in Jenin and injured 7 troops and combat police who were on a mission to arrest 2 terrorist suspects, members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad..

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