Palestinian Jihad Islami claims 122mm Grad rocket which struck Kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara’s hen-run and greenhouses Tuesday

The attack, which killed 30 chickens, occurred the day Amir Peretz paid his first visit as defense minister to the Gaza Strip border to observe the military campaign to curb the Palestinian missile offensive. The Palestinian terror group claimed that it has received a fresh supply of Grad rockets, whose range – 24 km – and warhead is far more powerful than the Qassam and can reach Ashdod port to the north and the towns of Netivot and Ofakim to the east.
Jihad Islami advises Israelis to expect more attacks by these rockets like the first three which exploded in Ashkelon on March 28, April 1 and April 24.
On the West Bank, Israeli police commandos killed two Palestinian terrorists Wednesday in Rafidiya, Nablus as they prepared for a terrorist attack.
A third was seriously wounded, a fourth surrendered. A search of their hideout turned up a 25-kilo explosive device.

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