Palestinian suicide attack hits buses in Jerusalem


The explosion on Jerusalem bus No. 12 on Monday as it travelled on Hebron street around 6:00 p.m., which also ripped through a second bus and injured 20 people, including two seriously, will enter the annals of the current intifada as the crossing of two red lines: one by the Palestinians, and one by the person who ordered the Israel Police to try to hide the fact that an explosive device was placed on the bus. In other words, someone decided to try to hide the fact that the "Jerusalem intifada" has entered a new stage.
hen people arrive at hospitals with wounds in the lower half of their bodies from nails and ball bearings, it can only mean one thing: it was not just a bombing, but a suicide bombing.
debkafile's counterterrorism sources report that the investigation of Monday's attack in Jerusalem shows that there were passengers on both buses. The suicide bomber chose to sit in the back seat of the first bus, directly above the engine. The moment that he saw that a second bus had pulled up next to the bus that he was on, a familiar habit among bus drivers in the city, he detonated the explosive device he was carrying. The explosion ignited the engine, and the fire spread immediately to the second bus. Both vehicles were completely gutted.

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