Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv injures eight

Eight people were injured in South Tel Aviv early Monday, Aug. 29, when a Palestinian from the West Bank town of Nablus grabbed a taxi, ran over pedestrians, jumped out outside a night club and stabbed four Border Police officers, two seriously, at a checkpoint and the club's security guard. He shouted Allah Akhbar and verses from the Koran throughout the attack.  Several hundred teen agers were milling in and out of the Hauman 17 club in South Tel Aviv for a back-to-school party. The assailant was captured after a fierce struggle.
He stole the taxi near the Tel Aviv New Central Bus Depot, after stabbing the driver and throwing him out. When he reached Salame Street he rammed a police checkpoint, jumped out of the cab and attacked the officers and passersby with a knife shouting verses from the Koran. Police only overpowered him after a fierce struggle. Two officers were hurt twice – hit by car and then stabbed. 

Police commissioner and Tel Aviv commander praised the police on the spot for preventing a far more serious incident by posting and activating the checkpoint. The terrorist was stopped from attacking the partygoers by the police presence. But they did not explain why the officers did not use their firearms to shoot him at the outset of the attack and save several people from serious injury.

On another front, reinforcements were deployed on the Gaza and Egyptian borders from the middle of last week on the orders of the chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz following a warning that a Palestinian Jihad Islami team had headed out of the Gaza Strip into Sinai for another attack in southern Israel.

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