Palestinian terror resurgent. Third Israeli death in three days

Adiel Coleman, 32, father of four, was the third Israeli to be murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in three days. He was stabbed to death in Jerusalem on Sunday, March 18, by a Palestinian from a village near Nablus, who was shot dead by a policeman.  On Friday, another Palestinian terrorist from Barta’a, drove his vehicle at high speed to run down a group of Israeli soldiers outside Mevo Dotan, killing Capt.  Ziv DAos, 21, and Sgt. Nathanel Kahlani, and seriously injuring two others.
On Saturday, the fourth explosion in a month was planted on the Gaza Strip border fence. The devices were intended to blow up against a passing Israeli military patrol, but exploded prematurely this time and hurt no one. The IDF hit back by disabling two Hamas terror tunnels before they could be activated.
All these actions taken together help the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza in their efforts to precipitate a critical upsurge of violence ahead of major confrontations, timed for the sensitive national events and anniversaries falling between now and mid-May.

After the Jewish Passover festival and Christian Easter – when hundreds of thousands of Israelis and visitors converge on Jerusalem – Israeli Arabs joined by Palestinians, mark “Land Day” on March 30. Then, on May 15, Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary of independent statehood – an annual event called Naqba by the Palestinians and often marred by violent anti-Israel protest. This year, Jerusalem Day will be a special celebration since President Donald Trump recognized the city as Israel’s capital.

In the Gaza Strip preparations are afoot for Palestinians to hurl themselves en masse on the border fence in an event dubbed “The Great March for Return.” All the Palestinian organizations have come together to set up a “National Committee” which has hired professional PR teams to promote wide coverage in the Palestinian and international arenas. They are looking forward to the Great March sparking similar events in Judea and Samaria, across the borders in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and among Israeli Arabs too.

The march is programed to unfold over six weeks from March 30 – “Land Day” – to “Naqba Day” in mid-May. The climax is to be on May 14, when the US embassy is scheduled to open in Jerusalem after being transferred from Tel Aviv, and this is intended to touch off widespread demonstrations spilling into wild violence in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Israel’s security and law enforcement authorities are aware that the Palestinians organizing these “protests” see them as the accompaniment of a major surge of terrorist operations. They are fully mobilized for counteraction and prevention.

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20 thoughts on “Palestinian terror resurgent. Third Israeli death in three days

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 12:03 at 12:03

    This reminds me of the low level undercover war active against white people in South Africa, but all the technology the whites brought is welcome!!

    • Mar 19, 2018 @ 13:17 at 13:17

      please define ‘white people’. I’m Saxon/Norman English coloured Red white and blue, so what is your definition of ‘white people’?

      • Mar 19, 2018 @ 22:50 at 22:50

        All I know is the British Empire is dead, and the former colonoized are now colonizing the UK.

        • Mar 22, 2018 @ 7:07 at 7:07

          Didn’t you get the memo? it’s a new order for the age. We’re all going to be brown now.

          (After Sabina Spieirein, Jungs patient and mistress, having abandoned

          her dream of bearing a Jevvish “Siegfried” to Jung, had informed him

          that she was pregnant by her Jevvish husband, Freud wrote her:

          “I am, you know, cured of the last shred of my predilection for the Arrryann cause, and would like to take it that if the child turned out to be a boy he will develop into a stalwart ZZionist. He or she must be dark in any case, no more towheads. Let us banish all these will-o’-the-wisps” )

      • Mar 20, 2018 @ 10:54 at 10:54

        “———–I’m Saxon/Norman English coloured Red white and blue————-”

        Sure you are, iVaN———–Happy Naqba!

        • Mar 22, 2018 @ 7:23 at 7:23

          yep, red and blonde streaked fair hair, blue eyes, red and white skin. Coloured. Real coloured.

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 12:25 at 12:25

    I feel saddened that after so many year of war Israel and Palestine cannot find a way to live in peace.

    • Mar 19, 2018 @ 14:36 at 14:36

      Arabs/Muslims can’t even get along with fellow Arabs/Muslims, see Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Pal-e-SWINE, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, …

      so it’s no surprise Arabs/Muslims can’t get along with Infidels.

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 14:23 at 14:23

    Louis, take away the curse of islam and a solution would be found. muslims find it hard to live even amongst themselves in peace.

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 15:41 at 15:41

    No fakestinian nazis no murder and no rape its that simple. Get rid of evil don’t talk or make peace with it

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 17:09 at 17:09

    For decades the palestinians marketed themselves as being treated unfairly, and used their slogan of Resistance in attempt to sway sympathy for their cause. People overlooked their terrorism, calling it part of the Resistance. People side with Resistance as it makes them think if the underdog who is treated unfairly.

    And so terrorism goes on. WRONG.

    * It’s time Israel took a similar PR approach: They are Resisting all terrorism attempts on their citizens, by others who want to destroy the Jewish Homeland.

    Israel is the underdog, where others (palestinians, hamas, hezbollah, Iran etc) want to destroy the country and harm it’s citizens.

    • Mar 20, 2018 @ 10:45 at 10:45

      “* It’s time Israel took a similar PR approach: They are Resisting all terrorism attempts on their citizens, by others who want to destroy the Jewish Homeland.

      Israel is the underdog, where others (palestinians, hamas, hezbollah, Iran etc) want to destroy the country and harm it’s citizens.”

      Great points, Mark G!

    • Mar 22, 2018 @ 7:27 at 7:27

      yes, we know, the militant jewish state with its IDF and IAF terror arms cries out in pain even as it strikes you.

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 19:01 at 19:01

    Has been said before:
    1. Mandatory shoot on site, if apprehended.
    2. Mandatory death sentence otherwise.
    3. Mandatory deportation of family etc.
    4. Mandatory destruction of home(s). This will work, far better than feeble, cowardly present actions !

    • Mar 20, 2018 @ 3:05 at 3:05

      MArg bar Iran….put yourself out of your misery and put that government issued setter riffle in your mouth and fire.

      • Mar 20, 2018 @ 10:48 at 10:48

        Happy Naqba, Bruce Lee!

    • Mar 22, 2018 @ 7:30 at 7:30

      yes, terrorise the civilian population, create more terrorists, this will provide the excuse for more and more ethnic cleansing and slaughter. Menachem Begin would be proud.

  • Mar 19, 2018 @ 23:20 at 23:20

    the world has a al-Nakba problem in the form of Islamic terrorism which started when Islam was formed and extends in ebbing and flowing waves of violence, murder and terrorism to this day.

    In days of yore these threats, terrorism and war were met with courage, and the spread of Islamism was met with force.

    Today, with most people worldwide shielded from the ugly reality of terrorism in all places except Israel, they will be overtaken very quickly as they side against the only country able to counter terrorism (Israel) and against the only President (Trump) who understands and is willing to tackle terrorism.

    Unfortunately, those who want to deal with terrorism are a small minority and the barbaric Islamists know it. How about starting with the death penalty for terrorism?

  • Mar 20, 2018 @ 9:27 at 9:27

    Why not start the counter-terrorism attack tomorrow? Israel must be proactive, it paid off in 1967.

    • Mar 20, 2018 @ 22:22 at 22:22

      Yes, good idea but what is needed in the long term is for a divorce – Jews and supporters in Israel and Judea-Samaria – and Mulims who cannot live with or under Jewish leadership go to Jordan and multiple numbers of Islamic countries where they share love of jihad and killing each other.

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