Palestinian violence in Jerusalem leaves 16 injured, including 5 policemen

Israeli police stormed Temple Mount Wednesday Sept. 22 where Muslim worshippers barricaded themselves inside the Al Aqsa Mosque after they rioted and threw stones below to the Western Wall. The police did not enter the mosque.  On the Mount of Olives an Israeli was stabbed in the back and moderately injured.
 Four Israeli policemen and four Israel civilians were injured in the riots spreading around the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the Old City. They erupted at the funeral of Samir Sirhan, who was killed earlier in Silwan by an Israeli security guard shooting his way out of a mob ambush closing in on his car.

Sirhan, who was known to the police, was part of the mob and found armed with knives and a screwdriver.
The funeral party hurled rocks at passing Israeli civilians and police brought in to restore order and torched Israeli cars.  Eight rioters arrested. After nightfall, Palestinians returned to the attack, throwing firebombs at police patrols raising the number of injured on both sides to 16 including 5 policemen.  

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