Palestinians hit Sarona after allegiance to ISIS

Exclusive to debkafile counter terrorism sources: The IDF and the General Security Service have video footage and photos showing eight Palestinian terrorists from Yatah village in Mt Hebron participating in an ISIS oath of allegiance ceremony. They are in custody as accessories of the two terrorists who perpetrated the Sarona market attack, near the Ministry of Defense and the IDF HQ on June 8.
Four Israelis were killed in the terror attack – Ido Ben-Ari, Ilana Naveh, Michael Feige and Milah Misheiv – and 41 wounded.
The eight cell members are seen standing in a military parade before the ISIS flag and swearing allegiance to the flag and to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.
DEBKA was the only publication to immediately assign the attack to an ISIS cell.
A third terrorist was supposed to shoot up a crowded train for multiple casualties in coordination with the pair at the Tel Aviv market.
So far this is the largest Palestinian terror cell associated with ISIS to have been captured.
The misleading and opaque statement given out by the IDF official Monday, July 4, describing the cell as ISIS-inspired continued the government and military chiefs’ efforts of the past seven months to obscure the early inroads made by the jihadist group in the Palestinian and Israeli Arab Muslim communities.
This was first noted in a January when an Israeli Arab from Wadi Iron opened fire on people sitting in an open air café on fashionable Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.. The shooter, Nashat Malham later turned out to have taken an oath of allegiance to ISIS and its leader.
There is no difference therefore between Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik who murdered 22 Americans in San Bernardino on December 2 in the name of ISIS, Omar Mateen who murdered 49 Americans in Orlando on June 12, and the Islamist killers in Tel Aviv.
Instead of telling the Israeli public the truth at the attack on Sarona Market was the work of ISIS terrorists, Israel’s government, military security service chiefs persist in putting their heads in the sand and using President Barack Obama's euphemisms to avoid laying some of the most recent and deadliest Palestinian terror attacks at the door of ISIS.
By refusing to recognize that Israel faces the same threat as Jordan, the US and Europe, its policymakers are blinding themselves to reality.


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