Palestinians Plan to Pile up Violence

Indications are mounting, debkafile ‘s military sources report, that Yasser Arafat is preparing to throw his security and police personnel into the arena as a regular fighting force. This would be tantamount to escalating the Palestinian intifada or uprising to full-scale belligerence, wielding the full Palestinian arsenal. Arafat implied as much in an interview this week over an Arab television station, when he declared he had “already taken every possibility into account”.
Our sources report Palestinian operational plans include missile attacks against Israeli air force warplanes and helicopters and tank forces, and rocket and heavy mortar attacks on Israeli towns, villages and settlements. They will try and take over Israeli suburbs or villages on either side of the Green line dividing Israel from Palestinian areas. These attacks will be coupled with massive terrorist raids in Israeli towns and against strategic targets.
Israeli, US and Palestinian military preparations take into account the possibility of Syria, Hizballah and Iraq going to war against Israel.

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