Pence: US will never let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon

US Vice President Mike Pence also promised that the US embassy would move to Jerusalem “before the end of next year.” This and other important pledges that he delivered in his Knesset speech Monday were greeted with warm applause and standing ovationsHe started by saying that he was the first US vice president to address the Knesset in Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel, and went on to explain that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is in the “best interests of peace because it chooses fact over faction.” He stressed that Trump is fully committed to achieving a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. If both sides agree, the US will support a two-state solution. The vice president noted that Israel has made difficult decisions to achieve peace with its neighbors and he strongly urged the Palestinian leadership “to return to the table, because peace can only come through dialogue.”
Pence pointed out that the president had called on all the parties “to maintain the status quo at the holy places, including Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif, and was not prejudging the final solution, including boundaries.”

The speaker castigated the Iranian regime as “dangerous, dictatorial and brutal.” Last year Tehran spent more than $4bn on “malign activities in Syria, Lebanon and other countries in the region,” as well as pursuing a nuclear program and developing ballistic missiles. The 2015 nuclear deal, said Pence, “is a disaster.” Unless it is fixed, the US will withdraw from the deal immediately. “We will also no longer tolerate Iran’s support for terror.” In ties with Israel, he said, “US-Israel bonds have never been stronger, and their friendship never deeper,” and added: “The US will never compromise on its safety and security and will its guarantee for Israel’s ability to defend itself.”

Turning again to Jerusalem, he said the “miracle of Israel is an inspiration to the world.” Today, “Jews, Muslims and Christians, who claim Abraham as their forefather, are in constant contact with each other and their faiths come to life here. All who seek a brighter future should cast their eyes here.”
As he rose to speak, members of the Israeli Arab party tried to raise placards declaring in three languages “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.” Knesset police grabbed the placards and bundled the lawmakers out of the chamber.

The vice president dines with the prime minister later Monday. Before ending his visit Tuesday, he and his wife will visit Yad Vashem and pray at the Western Wall.

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15 thoughts on “Pence: US will never let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon

  • Jan 22, 2018 @ 18:03 at 18:03

    I think those ragheads will do according to the prophecy of Nostradamus

  • Jan 22, 2018 @ 22:38 at 22:38

    Having Trump in office sure has been good to American Christians! Go V.P. Pence!

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 1:51 at 1:51

    :)))) members of kenesset showing something?

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 3:45 at 3:45

    You can take this V.P.’s promise to the bank – deposit it next to his predecessor’s promise on N. Korea.

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 8:57 at 8:57


    • Jan 23, 2018 @ 13:19 at 13:19

      yes well never mind hey…

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 10:17 at 10:17

    From the article:

    “As he rose to speak, members of the Israeli Arab party tried to raise placards declaring in three languages “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.” Knesset police grabbed the placards and bundled the lawmakers out of the chamber.”

    Imagine, for a moment, some members of the Jordanian Parliament attempting to raise placards declaring: “Amman is the capital of Palestine” (which it truly is in reality)!

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 20:04 at 20:04

    “US will never let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon”.
    Obama said that, repeatedly, during his campaigns for the Presidency, so that American Jews would vote for him. Now, Pence says that. But, so what?
    Even as Obama was citing US intelligence reports that Iran was nowhere near achieving a nuclear weapon capability, the collaboration of Iran and North Korea was testing nuclear weapons in North Korea. And, they continued their development and testing of nuclear weapons during Obama’s negotiations of the “deal” with Iran, which totally ignored the collaboration.
    But, pretending that the collaboration doesn’t exist won’t make it go away, and both Iran and North Korea possess a nuclear weapon capability.

    • Jan 27, 2018 @ 3:48 at 3:48

      Trying to say that the same thing uttered by Obama is the same when uttered by Trump demonstrates how truly blind you really are. I suppose if a Golden Retriever growls and a Pitbull growls, it means the same to you irrespective of their pedigree. Obama was a muslim regardless of what he said and his muslim faith advocates lying to infidels. That’s not the case with Trump.

  • Jan 23, 2018 @ 20:07 at 20:07

    Do we have nuclear weapons? hy·poc·ri·sy!

  • Jan 24, 2018 @ 1:03 at 1:03

    So one should not disarm one’s enemy because one has weapons? Foo.lish.ness

  • Jan 24, 2018 @ 16:24 at 16:24

    Who can be 100% sure that Iran hasn’t allready got nuclear weapons???
    They probably acquired a certain number of russian Kh-55 from Ukraine at the beginning of this century and nobody knows for sure if they were “full optional” with nuclear heads… Many retained this purchase a fantasy story but latelly Iran has developped the Soumar missile and its resemblance to the russian Kh-55 is under the eyes of everybody… If NKorea has got nuclear warheads nobody can be 100% sure that non of them has slipped to Teheran… Iran is working with NKorea and Nkorean achievments are also Iran achievments…

  • Jan 26, 2018 @ 23:38 at 23:38

    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.Those who don t accept it are anti-zionist and anti christian.But don t worry the living God of Israel will always prevail.

  • Jan 27, 2018 @ 3:40 at 3:40

    Pence should have said as long as he or Trump is President. I wouldn’t count on the rest of the Republicans and you can guarantee Democrats/Liberals, even many liberal Jews will sell out Israel to Iran

  • Jan 27, 2018 @ 16:54 at 16:54

    President Trump, please model the construction of the USA Emassy to look like Solomon’s Temple.

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