PM Olmert reports early discovery of prostate cancer

The presence of a “microscopic” growth was established by biopsy last week.
His physicians, Dr. Shlomo Segev and Prof. Koby Ramon, maintained at a special news conference Olmert called Monday, Oct. 29, that it is not life threatening in the short term. The growth is at level 6 of the Gleason score and at a very early state which is treatable, they maintained. He will undergo surgery in a few weeks with chances of full recovery. There will be no need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment. He will be able to function normally before and three days after the procedure. Olmert said he fully intends to carry on performing his duties as prime minister. Both doctors said there is no reason for his ability to work to be impaired.
The president, acting prime minister and Knesset Speaker were informed.
Some weeks ago, the prime minister was also diagnosed with shingles.

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