Pompeo’s thumbs up for Israel to counter Russian-backed Iranian drive in Syria

 As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sat down on Sunday, April 29 in Tel Aviv to discuss the Iranian threat, a Russian-backed Syrian force struck across the Euphrates to capture a string of US-backed fortified Kurdish SDF villages. This incursion of a key US area of influence region in eastern Syria, if confirmed, would rip up a key element of the US-Russian de-confliction zones accord and provide Iran with a springboard for a leap up to the Iraqi border.

Pompeo, on his first Middle East Trip as Secretary of State, reiterated in Tel Aviv – as he did in Riyadh earlier Sunday – that the nuclear deal will need to be fixed or it would be abandoned by President Donald Trump’s on May 12. Standing alongside Netanyahu, the secretary backed Israeli efforts to counter Iran in Syria. He said the US is committed to “rolling back to the full range of Iranian malign influence in Syria,” specifically mentioning “Iran’s missile systems, its support for Hezbollah, its importation of thousands of Shiite fighters into Syria.” Pompeo added, “We strongly support Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself.”

DEBKAfile: This was taken as a US green light for Israel to take on the elements threatening its security from Syria. The secretary also stressed that the US would continue to fight ISIS and not tolerate the Assad regime using chemical weapons.
Our military sources add: If the Syrian push into the US-held region is confirmed, it will tell the Trump administration and its new secretary of state that while they were busy arranging for US troops to leave Syria, Moscow was expanding its support for Iran to move in and deepen presence in that country.

Russia, Iran and Syria were not deterred when their attempt last year to cross the Euphrates was repulsed by the US contingent with heavy casualties inflicted on Russian forces. The same coalition tried again on February 10 and were again thrown back by the US air force. But our military sources report that, on April 13-14, shortly before the US-UK-French missile strike on Syria’s chemical weapons sites, Russian forces were seen transferring to the Syrian army upgraded bridging equipment for their new attempt on Sunday. A few hours after the Syrian army’s claims of success, however, Kurdish troops said they had mounted a counter-offensive and forced the Syrian forces “far away” from the territories they captured.

Pompeo winds up his three-day Middle East tour in Amman before returning home to Washington.


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42 thoughts on “Pompeo’s thumbs up for Israel to counter Russian-backed Iranian drive in Syria

  • Apr 29, 2018 @ 20:06 at 20:06

    It will be a terrible, terrible fight on the Nobel Prize for Peace this year.
    Koreans look like qualified, but life is full of surprises.

    • Apr 29, 2018 @ 21:30 at 21:30

      Hmmm, with that being awarded to Obama, it no longer has any significance. It is mostly a political tool now. The praise of God is precious, the praise of man not so much. Peace.

      • Apr 30, 2018 @ 17:24 at 17:24

        Your right its a political statement nothing of Value

  • Apr 29, 2018 @ 21:37 at 21:37

    How best to capture the bridging equipment
    Or at least destroy valuable Russian equipment,representing initial cost and transport expense

    • Apr 29, 2018 @ 22:56 at 22:56

      A few remotely controlled mines in the Aegean Sea would have solved a lot of problems.

      • Apr 30, 2018 @ 2:54 at 2:54

        leading to U.S. Naval forces being sunk.

        • Apr 30, 2018 @ 9:12 at 9:12

          Not if they could blame someone/ something else first…again, Sue..not thinking things through…to commit to war is extremely costly, Russians would have done it already if they wanted too.

        • May 1, 2018 @ 3:54 at 3:54

          only us not russian iranian just american

    • May 1, 2018 @ 3:56 at 3:56

      In light of recent statements made by the Russians regarding retaliatory measures they’re prepared to take, it’s probably best not to destroy valuable Russian equipment in Syria, I mean, if peace in the Middle East is what we want…

  • Apr 29, 2018 @ 22:23 at 22:23

    Move faster!

  • Apr 29, 2018 @ 22:29 at 22:29

    The current attacks in Syria against the Kurdish areas backed by the US will fail until the Russians and Iranians use their own forces to dislodge the Kurds. This is to happen sooner, rather than later, and will result in a much larger war. The Russians were hurt by the attacks carried out against Syria in defiance of Russian threats and Russia is seeking a confrontation hat it can win to show that the Americans are not the Superpower they used to be. Problem is, Russia is also not what it used to be and it no longer has the massive and strong conventional forces it used to have under the Soviet Union. This promises to be a grave mistake by the Russians, Iranians, and Syrians and a mistake that will cost them military control over vast areas of the Middle East.

    • Apr 29, 2018 @ 23:10 at 23:10

      Nope! All parties are interested in a long steady war, with small advances here and there, and no real heavy fight. A war of attrition, to piss off UN and gain acceptance for reseting of the border lines.

  • Apr 29, 2018 @ 23:51 at 23:51

    Perhaps it is time for another American shot across the Assad/Putin bow. The last time the Raussian did this they were wiped out. Third time’s a charm, boys? I think not.

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 1:50 at 1:50

      Because supporting Al Qaeda, ISIS and Jaysh al Islam wasn’t enough? What exactly are the Anglo American Zionists fighting for in Syria? The West is just another disgusting empire that has lost its way and turned on the very values that it represents.

      This is what happens when the empire is crumbling – pointless wars, looting and rampant fraud.

      • Apr 30, 2018 @ 5:29 at 5:29

        The fight is about stopping Iran from getting to the Mediterranean.

        Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel want to stop Iran. Iran, of course, wants a Shia empire to dominate the World.

        Russia is a afraid of Wahhabis and Salafis, so backs Iran.

        The US is afraid of Iranian insanity and ambition, so backs Saudi Arabia and Israel.

        The US and the Saudis are richer and stronger. Russia did good by stopping ISIS, but it overplaying its hand here. Perhaps that is by design, it wouldn’t be the first time the US has baited Russia knowing the Russians are too aggressive to not fall for it.

        • Apr 30, 2018 @ 10:47 at 10:47

          Smart post
          One thing knowing Russians all my life…they indulge in hubris more than anyone except the Chinese…

        • Apr 30, 2018 @ 12:00 at 12:00

          Iran does not want to rule the world. Take a look at this disgusting American empire of trash culture and militarism. Hundreds of foreign military bases around the world. Pandering endlessly to twisted Jews with zero morals. Dozens of overthrows, coups and meddlings in the past few decades. Tell me who wants to rule the world again. How many Iranian bases abroad compare to that? How many governments has Iran overthrown? Ashkenazis are paranoid and are projecting their insecurities on the world. These people are unfit for peace.

          The Anglo Zionist empire will be destroyed. It is filth and cancer on the world. We are awakening. No amount of money and weapons will win a war if you have a heart of darkness.

          • May 1, 2018 @ 3:57 at 3:57

            thank you hitler stalin putin hillary n BO

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 0:08 at 0:08

    Ill wait to see the religious idiots with their stupid bible religius fake talk about the end of times hahaha

    The only thing that should be done is bombing russian equipement and posts aiding the iranians

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 0:32 at 0:32

      No bombing before the full closure of the transactions. First payment, then handling over, and only this the bombing.

      • Apr 30, 2018 @ 1:24 at 1:24

        Yup only after the market closes

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 7:46 at 7:46

      Will you believe after the massive earthquake? Read Ezekiel 38 (19-20). The whole story has already been written.

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 1:51 at 1:51

      @quinton….. hooooyaaaaa!!!

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 1:44 at 1:44

    There is no doubt who the aggressors are. Anglo Zionists are taking destabilizing actions in the region. Iran is not attacking Israel, yet Israel wants to provoke a response in Syria, with its American sugar daddy egging on attacks.

    Western imperialist dogs are wasting resources on lost causes as their empire frays at the edges.

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 3:03 at 3:03

      It is not clear if it is khat ot kshit what you are sucking on, but it looks you are on the edge

      • Apr 30, 2018 @ 4:01 at 4:01

        It looks like you suckers lost the war and are desperate to provoke the winners.

        Damn you Israelis are as dumb as the Americans. All we hear from the Americans is endless bitching about Russians. And you do the same about the Iranians. Its juvenile.

        What’s got your panties so wet?

        • Apr 30, 2018 @ 5:33 at 5:33

          It was funny listening to a whole stadium in Iran chanting “Reza Palavi Rest in Peace !”. Only 2% of Iranians worship the plagiarized sky ghost myth the Arabs confected. The Mullahs are doomed.

          Iran will reach for the Mediterranean, but it will fall at home.

        • Apr 30, 2018 @ 11:22 at 11:22

          pissy knickers are worried about sh!tting their pants

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 9:29 at 9:29

      loser. (small L intentional)

    • May 1, 2018 @ 3:59 at 3:59

      sorry comrade shilsul
      America is the greatest bastion of freedom and economic power in the world

    • May 1, 2018 @ 4:02 at 4:02

      russia syria iran and globalist support gassing children men and women
      maybe they should be treated the same way

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 3:29 at 3:29

    Looks like the U.S. has hit back Assad and Iran for attacking the SDF. Several Assad-Iran bases have been hit in Syria. The U.S. has warned that any attack against its allies in Syria will be met with great force. Iran thought that it could threaten the U.S. but the U.S. is not taking it anymore from Iran.

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 5:35 at 5:35

    Even this latest, ominous message from top U.S. and Israeli authorities is being wasted on the pig-headed
    (or is it rag-headed) stubborn donkeys from Teheran. They are eagerly expecting the coming of their “Mahdi”,
    hoping that the creature will “purify” the world from ALL infidels, including even Sunni Arabs (!)
    All it willa ccomplish – is turn the Farsi capital into the world’s biggest parking lot…

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 6:35 at 6:35

    new loud explosions heard in Syria ,sunday night reports of dozens dead
    and hundreds injured
    the report from SKY NEWS in Arabic claims multiple targets near and around Haleb where hit .

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 9:13 at 9:13

    All Iran problems will surely disappear only days after Iran shoots one single bullet.
    But, a proper national funeral has to be carried out, and no “witch hunting” afterwards.
    Better, make it a normal “old age heart attack” to prevent unrest and suffering for Iranians.
    One single bullet.

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 13:02 at 13:02

    The real thumbs-up comes courtesy of our boy PUTIN.

    We just kicked some more Iranian ass in Syria, killing DOZENS of the bastards along with many Syrian Arabs.

    And what does Putin do, even though he promised “catastrophic consequences” for Netanyahu and Israel if we wiped the floor with Iranian and Syrian blood again?

    That’s right.

    A wink and a nod.

    How charming.

    You goy,

    Keep dreaming.

    You may want to read up on what we did to both the Russians AND the Germans in WWII.

    Replay x 10 coming up soon.

    Spread ‘m shiksas.

    Real men walking (in). 🙂

    • Apr 30, 2018 @ 14:03 at 14:03

      won’t be long now…….get ready for huge explosions……huge fire……

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 13:53 at 13:53

    Some posts are being deleted unINTENTIONALLY.

  • Apr 30, 2018 @ 14:02 at 14:02

    Lol…..the Jesuit slave is in town…….Iran is the problem eh ? lol….you people do not deserve oxygen……absolute evil bunch of bastards….

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