Popular Resistance Committees, display identity card to prove they are holding Israeli civilian Eliahu Asheri, 18, from Itamar on the West Bank

PRC spokesman Muhammad al-Al in Gaza displayed the ID Wednesday against the background of his group’s emblems and flags, but posed no terms for any further information or the hostage’s release.
debkafile‘s intelligence sources add that the display of the Israeli boy’s ID does not prove the PRC is holding him, any more than Corp. Gilead Shalit in Gaza. The kidnappers may be subcontracting the PRC as their front.
Earlier, the Palestinian umbrella group threatened to execute Eliahu Asheri if Israel does not halt its Gaza air-and-ground offensive launched Tuesday night.
Asheri, a student at the Neveh Tsuf pre-military academy was last seen Sunday at the French Hill intersection in northern Jerusalem after visiting a friend in Beitar Illit.
Israeli special forces are on standby to rescue him as soon as leads are found to his whereabouts.

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