President Bush at end of US-EU Vienna summit: We will come to the table only so long as Iran verifiably ends enrichment activities

He stressed that Iran`s response must be swift and lauded the common US-European diplomatic front for making Iran give up its nuclear goals.
In the summit’s closing statements, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel said the summit agreed the Palestinian government must accept basic international conditions, but opposed unilateral steps by Israel. He said the only way forward was through negotiations based on the road map.
President Bush followed him by saying: On Israel and the Palestinians my position is firm: I envision two states living side by side in peace, but this cannot happen when a Palestinian government does not accept Israel’s right to exist.
On Korea’s plan to test-fire a long-range missile able to reach the United States, Bush said: North Korea must stand by agreements on missile testing.
Regarding the dispute over the Guantanamo Bay prison, the US president said he, too, wants to close the facility. He is now waiting for the UN to determine a venue for putting the inmates on trial.

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