President Bush said Hizballah started the Lebanon war and was defeated. Hizballah can no longer act like a state within a state

UN resolution 1701 marked a pivotal moment in the Middle East, said the US president. He was speaking to reporters after consulting with secretaries of state and defense on transforming the military to meet the 20th century war on terror in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.
He again accused Hizballah of starting the crisis with its sponsors Syria and Iran, rocketing Israeli civilians and using civilians as human shields. “Hizballah was defeated but if I was Hizballah I would also claim victory.” But the people of the region must realize that what they did caused many people to lose their lives and much suffering. They declared war on Israeli without the knowledge of the elected government in Beirut.
The responsibility also lies with state sponsors of terrorism, Iran and Syria. UN peacekeepers must stop Hizballah from being a state within a state and seal off the border with Syria, through which Iran ships arms to Hizballah.
Iran is backing armed groups in Iraq and Lebanon and it must stop. The conflict in Lebanon is part of the greater war on terror. The difference between Israel and Hizballah is that when civilians are killed, Israel grieves, while Hizballah celebrates. Under the UN resolution, Israel has the right to defend itself.

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