President Bush supports Russia sending enriched uranium to Iran

The US president said that its receipt of uranium for “civilian use” in Bushehr meant Tehran did not need to pursue its own enrichment capabilities.
debkafile adds Iran does not see it that way. After taking delivery of the fuel rods for the Russian-built reactor at Bushehr, a high Iranian official emphasized Tehran would not give up independent enrichment under any circumstances.
Israeli intelligence sources criticize the Bush statement as being unrealistic in the same way as the US intelligence claim that Iran had given up its nuclear armament program in 2003. In the first place, even though Tehran is required to return the used uranium rods from Bushehr, it will not be made to give up uranium enrichment at Natanz or any clandestine military programs when the Russian-built Bushehr reactor becomes operational. In the second, this reactor offers Iranian nuclear scientists and technicians extra practice and expertise for completing the fuel cycle. Once acquired, they can apply these capabilities to their bomb program. The Russian fuel for the civilian reactor at Bushehr has therefore given Iran a shot cut to nuclear arms production.
Bush therefore compounds the damage caused by the NIE report by closing his eyes to the danger presented by Moscow’s fuel supply to Iran. This is something Israel cannot afford to do.

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